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    Read this UFT members, I mean it.

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    Read this UFT members, I mean it.

    Post  ConnerCTC on Fri May 02, 2014 8:38 pm

    If you do not make flights you will be kicked because this is what happened with the old UFT, most of the members were lazy, and that's most of you right now. So now there's gonna be a new system. You need a pictures of your flight/event and someone else approves the date, tell them also so they don't forget.

    This has always been pissing me off, so it's simple don't wanna make a flight don't join or leave if your not gonna make flights. Don't join just for fame in joining one of UIFs oldest clans like an asslicker. Also if you join and you say your inactive, kicked non-negotiable, because we are rebuilding, we don't have a main board and lots of members to help with the group.

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