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    Everything About UFT

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    On June 2011 , Ah_Long Was Making Flights In UIF Also Known As United Islands Freeroam, And This Newbie "Portal" Teleported To Ah_Long's Flight. Portal Was Amazed And Started To Copy Ah_Long's Flights. Portal Called Players And They Fly To Every Corner Of San Andreas, Until This Guy Named "Undercover" Teleported To Portal, Portal is Newbie Driver Of A Plane And Keeps On Crashing... Soon, No Mere Player Came To Him, But Undercover Still Tests This "Portal" Undercover Knew Some Spots At San Andreas To Land With With The AT-400 Plane Therefore, Portal was a StundentOf Undercover.

    Couple Of Days Later, Ah_Long Onlined Then Portal Introduced Undercover To Ahlong. Portal Said Everything That
    Undercover Tough Him. The Three Airplane Flyers Soon Became Popular And Expanded More Players And More, Therefore , Ahlong Became The Leader Of UFT. Undercover and Portal Named UFT. Sooner Ahlong Passed Its Leader Ship To Portal.. NOW. Undercover Is The Leader Of UFT. And UFT is Now Popular And Has Expanded More Members Than Before!

    Main Objectives.

    Our objectives on setting up this flying team are:
    1. Let the players in UIF finds another way of freeroaming around San Andreas.
    2. Our pilots that finds flying interesting can set up a flight and lets the players join the flight for free.
    3. Let our players explore the whole San Andreas without flying alone.

    OMG! Im In A UFT Flight! What Now?
    Woah Woah Woah! Hold Your Horses Dude! Safety is The no.1 Priority Of The UFT.
    To ensure safety of all our flights, we usually train our members in taking off, landing and when flying in the air. You must also type /lay (or other similar animations) and /toggod before ALL take-offs, to prevent falling off the plane. If you fell off the plane and you still want to join the flight, please wait at the airport gates and wait for the plane to land in the airport. Do not attempt to use any cheats to teleport back to the plane as this can affect the pilot flying the plane.

    Is There Any Events On This Team?

    UFT events are usual and really comfortable, sometimes Jr. members and other UFT
    personnel can ask for an event, for an example, "Rock" , a Jr. member called all players
    and teleported to him, the event is called "Fly My Buddies". You Must Have a parachute and after "Rock" gave the signal ( example, /count) , u guys jump from the plane and airborne down. one of the awesome events of UFT.

    Secondly, we allow guests and members to record the whole flight and upload it to their respective Youtube account.

    What Game/Server is This? I WANT TO JOIN!!

    The Game Is Only On PC, Its Called "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" v1 If You have v2. You Must Downgrade It Using A Third Party Patch. And Install San Andreas Multiplayer, Put A Server That Is Called UIF -
    Address : Specially You Meet The Requirements To Be A Member, And You Also Might Experience Some Tests. Email Me At chrs.mayz@yahoo.com For Your Application And I will send it to Ah_Long and Portal Will Ask You Several Questions or What We Call interview, The Interview Must Pass atleast 45% Grade, Below, You failed. You Can Apply Again And Interview Again, IF you Pass, Undercover Will Train You
    Or Test you To Become An Official member Of The UFT.

    Does UFT Allow 12 Below?

    No. You can Fail A Test For 1 single Question And We Also need To learn The Truth! in an interview! no
    Silly lies,. UFT only allows 12+ of age and a non gay or homo,

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