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    Your new name


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    Your new name

    Post  iSkitzo on Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:01 pm

    For all UFT members. If you changed your name kindly please tell us quick so those on the higher ranks can update the current members. Just like me I changed my name from iSkitzo to [UFT]SuperSkitzo but there's a clue in my name "Skitzo" so you can recognize me fast and can be easily known if I am a Official member.

    IF you changed your name in a very different name.
    Example: You joined UFT then your name was "Cloud" and you changed it to "[UFT]VeryCool" and you did not tell us.

    We can't recognize it and we don't know if you are a real UFT member. but if you tell us your new name fast. We can know that you are a real member.

    Thank you Smile


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