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    Post  gta6287 on Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:44 pm

    UFT Rules

    As a passenger.
    Arrow You should:-
    - Type /Para = If you fall down, you can use your parachute.
    - Type /God = Important if you don't want to die.
    - Do Animations. Example: /relax, /lay, /sit etc... = To maintain your position

    Arrow You should not:-
    - Teleport to the pilot if you're falling down.
    - Annoy any players. Example: shooting, ramming, spawning any vehicle.

    As a pilot.
    Arrow You should:
    - /Lock your plane.
    - Wait until all the passengers are ready.
    - If you have sobeit, use [Airbrk] before taking off your plane to maintain your position and to avoid any rammers.
    - Know your location to go.
    Arrow You should not:
    - Leave your plane while all your passengers are ready.
    - Do crazy things while flying your plane. Example: Looping your plane.

    That's it. Enjoy.

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